Improvements Enhance SRL Learning Environment

The school year 2006-2007 welcomed Rosians with a new look. As soon as students walk in the main gate, they are greeted by the plant boxes lining the exterior wall of the school. The carefully chosen, multi-coloured plants liven up the otherwise plain-looking area.

Just a few steps into the main lobby of the school building provide another source of surprise. Three aquariums have been installed there displaying fishes of many different kinds. The fish seem to know that they are there to educate as well as entertain their young spectators for as soon as students approach to observe them more closely, the fish unabashedly go into what can be described as an elaborate dance. Another aquarium, with two extra large peach-coloured bullhead fish, was added at the bottom of the staircase on the hall side. Students eagerly look forward to seeing the fish on their way into and out of the school.

Upon reaching the classrooms, students notice that more cupboards have been installed or provided for books and copybooks.  Bulletin boards line the corridors, providing an ever-changing source of mental stimulation. Plant boxes lining the central stairwell now contain real plants, which the students are watering in turns.

In the playground, drinking fountains line the pillars near the chapel to quench the thirst of avid sports enthusiasts.

With these few minor improvements, students and staff agree that each turn of the corner now offers a more exciting view of school life!