P6 Geography Discovery Day – A visit to the Seak Pai Van Park

The Primary 6 students visited Seak Pai Van Park on 30 November, 2019 (Saturday) to observe the behaviour of some of the animals at the park and learn the adaptations of these animals to the environment they live.  During their observations, students had to complete assigned activities.

Through great cooperation and enthusiasm, students were able to annotate and explain the special adaptations of different animals that they observed at the park happily and with great enjoyment.  The Geography teachers, together with the other teachers were overwhelmed by the outcome of the day.  This could be seen from the faces and from the output submitted by the students.  The students’ overall performance was beyond the teachers’ expectations. An evaluation of the activity was also held by the Geography teacher during the lessons the following week.  All in all, the learning outcomes were achieved and most of the students showed their happiness during the visit and even suggested doing more outdoor activities in the near future.