Easter Celebration

On the 17th of April, 2017, students, of all levels, together with their teachers, gathered for the first whole-school event after the Easter break 2017 - the Easter Celebration. The assembly prayer and presentation were led by Ms Pauline Ng and Ms Margarida. Together, they introduced students to the story of the Resurrected Jesus appearing to two of His disciples on their way to Emmaus. This was followed by an interactive Q&A session and students who answered correctly were each given a bookmark as a gift. During the rest of the morning, the primary and secondary students took turns to go to the hall to listen to experience-sharing by Fr. Jojo and three members of CandleLight - a Hong Kong-based voluntary group which helps to improve the living standards of healed leper communities in mainland China through regular visits as well as resource provision. Rose, Jenny and Jessica shared about their experiences at the communities and what they do. They also answered the student-emcees’ questions regarding their work. 

Following the sharing, Fr. Jojo entertained students and teachers with a wonderfully well-prepared magic performance that was undeniably another highlight of the day. Some levels participated in a special egg-hunt in which students work in pairs to search for eggs of the required colour from the many eggs scattered across the playground. Each egg had a sentence, related to the story of the two disciples, which the students had to arrange in chronological order. One student in the pair was blindfolded while the other had her hands tied, forcing them to cooperate in finding and picking up the eggs. Collecting crosses from the floor would allow the class to gain bonus points. Meanwhile, other students took part in activities in their own classrooms. For the upper levels, students were invited to do a reflection. TO cap off the day's celebrations, all students and teachers were given an Easter Egg by Fr. Jojo! Of course, the students got a little something more - a reflection worksheet!