English Recitation Competition 2015/2016

        In order to help students improve public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about the role great poetry plays in literature, our school held the Annual English Recitation Competition on the 21st of May 2016.  The competition featured choral as well as Individual competitors. Through the combined effort of teachers and students, the level of this competition has shown a steady increase over the years.          How was it run?  For the Choral recitation competition, all classes from Primary one to Primary six were assigned the same poem which the class could interpret as they wished.  Utilizing various perform styles, good posture and appropriate gestures, the competitors succeeded in capturing the attention of the audience and judges. In the Individual Recitation competition, each competitor was allowed to choose and interpret a unique poem.  As usual, the judges were quite amazed by the students' fluency and expression!          At the end of the competition, our principal, Ms Candy, gave some advice to the students regarding proper pronunciation, appropriate volume, pace, rhythm, and intonation as these would greatly enhance their delivery.