2021 ‘Start Young’ Hospitality Management Professional Challenge

2021 Guangdong HongKong Macao Greater Bay Area Integrated Resort Sustainable Business Case Study Competition – ‘Start Young’ Hospitality Management Professional Challenge


This challenge aims to enhance the understanding and awareness of business knowledge among students. More than 330 students from 25 high schools and universities in the Greater Bay Area participated in the competition. Our students successfully received two First Awards and one Second Award.


The awardees are:

Lam Si Si, Stacey (F5AC2)

Yu Cheok Tong, Dorit (F5AC2)

Chan Weng Lam, Selina (F5AC1)

Sin Weng In, Brenda (F5AC1)

Chan Hio Tong, Bonnie (F5AC2)

Ung Ka Weng, Corienne (F6AC2)

Ho Weng Si, Christy (F6AC2)

Wu YongXin, Bonnie (F6AC2)

Lai Ka Ieng, Rainbow (F6AC1)

Ma Meng I, LaLa (F6AC1)

Chan Weng Chin, Katrina (F6AC1)