Final Children's Mass 2006 - A Touching Experience

Catholics from Primary 1 to Primary 4 were treated to a special Eucharistic celebration when Reverend Father Peter Chung surprised them with a more-than-ordinary version of the Holy Mass. The students were captivated by the picture slides which Father Chung had chosen as an opening prayer for the last Children's Mass of the year. The slides, a visual comparison between the comforts of most children and the deprivation that others faced, awakened in the students an awareness of the plight of less fortunate children around the world. Never had they been so attentive during the Mass. Father Chung then read a passage from the bible and integrated the reading into what he had just shown the children.

The students were then asked to share their ideas and impressions as part of the homily and instead of the usual General Intercessions, the students were invited to offer their prayers for whomsoever they wished. It was an amazing experience for those of us who are used to attending formal Masses. Father Chung's creative Eucharistic celebration accomplished a lot more for the kids and adults who were fortunate enough to be present.