IGEO competition awarding ceremony

On 16 May, 7 Geography students from the senior secondary attended the 10th Macao Geo Olympiad Competition (IGEO MACAO) Awarding Ceremony and were presented with certificates and medals to highlight their achievements in the competition. 


Our school has participated in the IGEO MACAO Competition since 2013 and our students have gained valuable experience from the competitions and have always achieved outstanding results.  The 10th IGEO MACAO Competition, which was held on 11 April 2021, had a total of 177 candidates from 22 secondary schools participating.


We are delighted to announced the outstanding results of our students:

1st Gold Award: Bonnie Chan (F6AC2)

7th Gold Award: Lisa Zhu (F6AC2)

8th Gold Award: Lala Ma (F5AC1)

Silver Awards: Annabella Chow (F5AC2), Kelly Gan (F5AC1) and Nicole Zhao (F5AC1)

Bronze Award: Audrey Lei (F5AC2)

Silver Team Award

Once again, congratulations to our students for their well-earned success!